The Five W’s of Real Estate Training

Who?Who can and who should take the real estate training or course?Practically anyone who wants to make a career in the property industry can choose to go for the training. If one feels that they can carve their niche in the property sector and have what it takes to excel in the profession, a good real estate course will be of crucial importance.Amid the current financial recession when all industries appear to be toppling, property industry is still somewhat stable. Although there is an evident slowdown in the industry, yet it is growing. So the requirement for real estate professionals has not eroded and every property company needs a property professional. Today, when career opportunities in other professions show a great deal of saturation, the potential of real estate industry is slowly dawning upon people who are now taking up real estate training courses to enter this vast field of opportunities.What?What are the real estate training courses about?Real estate of course! Every country of the world has its set real estate laws and ordinances. These laws may vary largely from country to country, and also from city to city within in a country. This is one reason why it is important for a real estate professional to not only become aware of, but also have a deep insight into his region’s property laws and regulations. The real estate training courses consist of a series of classes or lectures which cover anything and everything about real estate in your region. The courses are designed, handled and delivered by the area’s real estate experts with vast experience of the local property market. The most common things covered in the property training are the property laws governing your area’s real estate industry, your responsibilities as a real estate agent, and the types of real estate present in your zone of operation. The courses are also designed to hone your buying and selling skills as a property agent.Where?Where are the real estate training courses available?Probably not far from you. These courses are gaining popularity around the world and many established property companies and agencies have taken this initiative. Not only established real estate companies, but also experienced property professionals have started educationg people about the property business and its ethics with a special focus on the latest real estate trends of their own region’s property industry. So it’s very probable that after a brief search, you’ll be able to find a property company, agency or individual offering this course near your house or somewhere else in your city. And if you don’t, there are numerous real estate training courses available online in which anyone can enroll with ease. All it takes is a little online search and you’ll come across innumerable options. Most people consider online course more convenient than the classroom study as you can study at your convenience without having to rush for taking classes. It saves you the time and hassle of the traditional classroom study. Many online universities and institutions have even started bachelor and master degree programs in real estate development and management.When?When can you enroll for the course? How long does it take to complete?It depends on various factors. Your choice between online and classroom study, the mode of training, and the trainer’s discretion, all these factors come into play. The best way to find an answer to this question is to visit the trainer in person if it’s an offline (classroom) course, or to visit the website of the trainer if it’s an online course. The websites of educational institutions bear all the details of the courses they offer including the course objective, outline, duration, and choice. One trainer may offer more than one property training course at a time designed for different individuals as per their requirements, suitability and market exposure.Why?Why should you take this course?Well, we’ve already discussed it in the 1st answer. One definite answer to this question is that the property market is still booming when the other industries appear to be falling down in the current financial recession. As the industry is expanding, there’s more and more room for real estate professionals in it. Taking a real estate training course can help you make a career in this booming sector and excel professionally.

Where Can I Advertise?

Where To Advertise Your New Website?This article will look at the following types of advertising.

Free search engine submission
Paid search engine advertising
Free Online Groups/Clubs
Paid Mail
Online Article Submissions
Viral Marketing
Online Classifieds
Video Advertising
Whether you have just made a new site or are unsatisfied with the amount of visitors to your site, here you will find a number of paid and free ways to increase the number of visitors to your site.It doesn’t matter if you have paid $10,000 or nothing to make your website, if it isn’t advertised, you won’t get visitors. Not having advertising for a good site is like having built a new shopping center and placed it in the middle of a desert where no one can see it.Another point to remember is that even if you have the best advertising, if your site doesn’t have the right ads on it, or isn’t clear about what it’s selling, then that could be like having a shop in the middle of a great shopping center with just cardboard boxes in it. It’s not grabbing people’s attention, but that’s more of a marketing issue, this article will look at advertising.Search Engine Submission1) First you should make sure your site is being seen in search engines. Search for the following sites:

Google Webmasters
Yahoo Site Explorer
Live Search Webmaster Central
It may also help to get a free xml sitemap for your site before registering for the above sites.2) For paid advertising on search engines, go to the following sites:

To sign up to AdSense go to: Google AdSense.
To sign up for Yahoo go to: Yahoo Advertising.
To sign up for MSN go to: MSN Advertising.
To sign up for AOL to go: AOL – Platform-a.
To help your site rank in the free listings, you should research SEO, some advice to start with would be to make sure your meta tags for content and description are accurate for each page, (in the header of your sites html) and make sure the keywords that people would use to search for your site, are made clear on your site, and put in the headings. Some search engines pay special note for items in or tags. Some advanced search engines such as Google, pay special attention to how many sites link to your site, so try and get as many valuable ‘backlinks’ as you can.Offline AdvertisingDon’t forget about offline advertising, most of them are still very influential, some of the common ways include:


Business Cards
Printed Stationery
Signatures on letters
Banners and the list goes on
Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is a great way to earn some revenue from your site. It is useful to use ads that relate to your site/article. Look up Affiliate Networks, and it’s quite easy to sign up for most of them if you have a site. Once you have signed up, you can browse the networks advertisers, then advertise one of them on your site. If you would like to use the affiliate networks advertising service, they usually charge a reasonable fee (monthly or per click). to have your site advertised on sites that like your ad.Free Online Groups/ClubsThere are many groups that you can join for free online, they can be a very good source of advertising. You should find a group/club such as at Yahoo/Google groups that is related to your site, add some useful information to the groups and leave a link to your site whenever you write an email or article for the group.Paid MailUsing companies that pay people to read their mail is another very good way to advertise your product especially if you are trying to advertise your network marketing company, or a company where you would like people to read more about your product. The customers that read your mail can also give reviews about your website and product, which can help your advertising. One of the best paid mail companies I have used is HTMail.Online Article SubmissionsThis one you would most probably be aware of, as you are reading this article now.There are many sites where you can submit an article for free (some even pay you), so write about an interesting topic (relevant to your site if possible) then include a link back to your site in after your name at the bottom of the article. A good thing about articles is that they can be used by many people on many sites.Social Networking SitesThere are new social networking sites coming up all the time, and as most people that use the Internet are involved in at least one or more of these sites, such as MySpace or Facebook, these sites are definitely a good place to advertise. Just remember not to spam or your results may be negative. One way to reach a lot of these sites is to use a free service such as www.socialmarker.comViral MarketingThis doesn’t sound so good, but it is often the best source of marketing. This kind of marketing is where you show a product and then people do the marketing for you by sending it to their friends. This is often done by the means of videos. If you can make a video interesting enough people will often send it to others for you. You have probably seen this done in emails too, however I would proceed with caution before making an email for marketing purposes.BlogsBlogs are widely used for advertising, some large companies such as Rakuten online shopping in Japan, give there members free blogs, so they can mention in the blogs about products Rakuten has on offer, and with their affiliate program, if a member sells a product from the blog, they can get points, which can be used to buy products.Some people use other freely available blogs such as ‘WordPress’ to advertise their products. I used one with one of my first sites when I was in Sydney at: []. You can now even put AdSense ads on your blog, to make some extra cash. Remember to make sure you are interested in the topic you are talking about, and if it’s closely related to what you are trying to sell, you could be on a winner with blogs.Online ClassifiedsTraditionally people used the classifieds section in newspapers to sell their product or service, now there is an increasing number of popular online classifieds, and most of the most popular newspaper classifieds are now online!One advantage of online classifieds is that they are often free. You also have a wide variety of kinds of classifieds you can use, so you may find a free online classifieds for the category you are selling.Video AdvertisingAdvertising using videos is extremely popular, they are coming up all the time, on sites like MSN before news videos. There are many ways to advertise using videos for free. How about making a video about your site/service and uploading it to YouTube?I hope you have gained some new ideas, good luck with your advertising!